Wheel Blasting Perfection

Upgrade Discover the dynamic efficiency of our Tumble Wheel Blasters, a leading choice in wheel blast equipment.

Expertly Engineered

Expertly engineered to handle small to medium-sized parts in batches, these blasters are a marvel of automated finishing. As the belt rotates, it gently tumbles the parts, while the wheel expertly propels the media, ensuring thorough and uniform coverage in impressively short time cycles

Efficient & Versatile

Our Tumble Wheel Blasters are not just about efficiency; they're about versatility too. Equipped with a durable rubber mill belt, they're adept at handling a variety of parts. And for those dealing with heavier, sharper, or high-temperature components, we offer robust steel flighted versions.


But the innovation doesn't stop there. Embrace the full potential of automation with optional loaders and conveyors, streamlining your process like never before. For those seeking a continuous operation, our Continuous Tumble Blast Machines are a game-changer.

Performance and control

These advanced in-line systems propel parts through a tunnel, utilizing a rolling belt beneath a series of blast wheels, redefining productivity in wheel blasting technology.