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Upgrade your tool honing game with our line of vertical drag finishers!

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Elevate your surface finishing game with cutting-edge tool honing technology.

The Drag Finishers & Equipment for Edge-Prep & Polishing of Cutting Tools

We offer a wide range of drag finishing machines, from 2 head to 6 head models, as well our AutoHone™ robotic reverse drag/stream finisher. Our Tool Series drag finishers are pre-configured with tooling, giving your facility the ultimate out-of-the-box solution! Hone & polish inserts, end mills, taps, reamers, drills, or any other cutting tool, of any material, whether coated or uncoated.

The Bel Air AutoHone™ is a robotic honing and polishing machine that
employs Bel Air’s tried-and-true reverse drag finishing technology, also
known in the industry as stream finishing. In the reverse drag
finishing process, the machine moves the media, rather than the work
pieces, at a high rate of speed. This motion causes the media to
“stream” across the work piece. When the stream hits the work piece, it
produces a high-energy “wave”, much like an ocean wave. This process,
when coupled with the infinite degree of part articulation provided by
the six-axis robotic arm, allows for a complete, even, and repeatable
process that neither hand finishing nor other types of equipment are
able to achieve.

This method has shorter cycle times than standard
drag finishing for tool honing or polishing. For some parts, process
times as short as five seconds are possible. The AutoHone™ allows for a
completely automated process requiring virtually no operator

Options such as integrated ultrasonic cleaner and air
blow-off stations allow for a complete turn-key solution. Add our
compact state-of-the-art metrology equipment to your workflow, in order
to validate your results. Let us design a system to meet all your needs.

Benefits Beyond Innovation

  • Enhanced Productivity: Achieve faster cleaning and finishing times with efficient equipment and precise control.

Ready to revolutionize your surface finishing process?

Extremely Fast Time Cycles Digital PLC with Color Touch-Screen Several Sizes available Optional integral cleaning & Drying stations available. Automated Loading